8 Adventure Books to Read This Winter

Honesty time: I love the outdoors- but I am a total wimp when it comes to being cold! Starting in late November, I find myself going outside significantly less to hike or climb because of this. And although I am challenging myself to suck it up a little more this year, I do enjoy a few other ways of "adventuring" and staying warm during the chilly season. I have learned that if I must stay inside for a day, enhancing some of that downtime with reading seems to help satisfy my outdoor cravings. 

*I encourage others to get outside whenever possible- but this is a nice alternative to keep up/improve upon your interests while indoors.

I usually pick up books that help me discover someplace new in the world or teach me more about leading the life I want in the outdoors through inspiring stories or autobiographies.

Here are some adventure books that have gotten me through the winter months!

What I'm currently reading: I recently picked up "A Long Trek Home" by Erin McKittrick for a book club I joined through Facebook called Adventure Grapes. Although I do not have a personal recommendation for this book (yet) it sounds like an interesting story. Click on this link to read along with us! 

What are some of your favorite winter reads?

Share in the comments below.

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Lauren Hurst

Bellingham, WA

Seasonal national park worker, environmental studies student, and outdoor enthusiast.